Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wall Street Prep Referral Code REF5242

Hi I'm looking for a job on Wall Street and just bought a self training program from Wall Street Prep. I have heard many people said this is a really good program to prepare for the equity research work in the financial industry. The premium package is $499. After I ordered the package, they gave me a referral code. If you are interested in buying, you can use the referral code and receive 15% discount. The referral code is REF5242. After you click checkout, there will be a place ask for referral code or coupon code. You can enter the code and then you will receive the discount. Thanks and good luck!


Aki said...

ur last blog is in 2008. Wonder hows every thing went after MBA

Mohammed Abed El Jawad said...

Hey man,

How was the wall street prep course? I am really confused on whether to go with that or with others such as Breaking into Wall Street. I mean WSP is CFA certified unlike the others. Did you sit for the exam for WSP? I would appreciate your feed back on the course buddy (just want to make sure am spending my money smartly)